Welcome to Payrrot - an online personnel management project, dedicated to making corporate routines much simpler so you can concentrate more on the business and the future success.

We have been operating sucessfully since 2010, serving corporate customers around the world. Once originally created to cater for internal company needs, we have expanded our service to offer the solution to external clients, too.

Our product is 100% in-house developed, with no outsourcing, no fashionable "cloud" resouces and no untrustworthy chains of third-party (un)accountability.

Simpler, faster, more secure. We are aiming to make your HR and accounting personnel's life much easier by automating the compensation and corporate payroll processes.

The product is available for corporate customers only.


  • - Competitive rates
  • - Flexible pricing
  • - One step closer to paperless office concept
  • - Multiple currency accounting
  • - Mmultilingual customer support
  • - Transparent and secure